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Gary L Keady Sunlight

G.L KEADY was born in Sydney, Australia and still lives nearby. He began his career in the entertainment business as a professional composer in 1976. A few years later, as a record producer, he recorded a heavy metal band from Perth Western Australia called BLACK ALICE, which resulted in the release of the album ENDANGERED SPECIES.

In 1984 he wrote, produced and directed the cinema short film KNIGHTMARE starring the lead singer from BLACK ALICE, ROB HARTLEY.

Three years later GARY wrote and directed the sci-fi heavy metal musical feature film SONS OF STEEL, which again starred ROB HARTLEY. The film is now regarded a cult sci-fi classic. Along with the film release came the second BLACK ALICE album also called SONS OF STEEL.  

Now GARY has authored the SONS OF STEEL series of science fiction books. The first of which SONS OF STEEL BOOK 1, is now available as an EBook and a paperback.

GARY has just released a paranormal crime fiction thriller THE INCARNATE.

Gary and his son Brandon launched Big Island Publishing in 2024 with a range of titles written by Gary & Brandon

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